Pre-paid Funeral Plans

We're an independent funeral director in Bognor Regis offering pre-paid funeral plans for peace of mind

The services we offer are paid for in two parts: the funeral director's charges, which cover the arrangements of the funeral and the use of our Chapel of Rest, and the disbursement costs, which cover the administrative costs and linked fees that we pay on behalf of you and your family. We want to make this a simple and stress-free arrangement for you, which is why we offer pre-paid funeral plans so that you can cover the fees in a way which suits you best. As an independent funeral director in Bognor Regis, you can be sure that we will treat the issue respectfully by our friendly, engaged team

Why choose a pre-paid plan?

The pre-payment plans we offer are a cost-effective and simple way to cover the funeral fees and give yourself peace of mind. They allow you to choose your own preferred funeral arrangements and pay for them in advance, so that your family and loved ones are spared the burden of arranging and funding the service. By pre-paying, you beat inflation and pay current prices, thus saving money and circumventing the stress of funeral funding via your life insurance policy. You have the choice of how the funeral should be arranged to suit your budget and personal requirements, and we accept both lump sum payments and monthly instalments, so you can make it work with your own financial situation

Financial security guaranteed

The payment for the funeral will be administered by us and held by Funeral Planning Services; prices are fixed for each aspect of the service so you know you will be investing the right sum for the future

You can trust us to handle the arrangements responsibly and securely; Funeral Planning Services is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority, so we are certified under the strict controls of custodianship and regular assessments to confirm our correct practices

In this way, your fund is safe and secure, making a difficult time in the future much more manageable
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